Program 2021

09:00 - 10:00
Breakfast & Welcome

By invitation: Welcome & breakfast meeting with investors and selected startups

10:00 - 12:00
Startup & Investor Speed Dating

By invitation: Selected Startups meet investors and finance experts

12:00 - 14:00
Lunch Break & Time for the Powertage Exhibition

Enjoy free lunch at the Powertage and use the time for networking and to visit the exhibition

14:00 - 16:45
Pitching and Poster networking session

Listen to Startup pitches, visit the poster fair and talk to startup founders. There will be lots of time for networking and exchange.

16:45 - 17:00
Energy Startup Day Awards 2022

Three Startups will be awarded with the Energy Startup Day Awards

17:00 - 18:00
Apero & Networking & Fade out

Stay for the final apero and enjoy informal networking.

Energy Startup Day 2021 Highlights

Last year was all about internationalisation, scaling and of course: networking.
26 innovative startups including CEO Robert Piconi from Energy Vault. Our keynote from the Ticino Startup Energy Vault was recently featured in SRF.  Their new way of efficiently storing energy: With concrete blocks and a circular economy approach Energy Vault is attracting worldwide interest.

Our partner Startup Campus Global brought three Hungarian startups to the event: Power-to-Gas, Smart Charging, EcoSync.

Speakers: PATHFNDR research project from SFOE investigating pathways to an efficient future energy system through flexibility and sector coupling by Christian Schaffner; Switzerland Global Enterprise’s large range of support tools for startups to develop the right approach to international business; Florian Perrodin from Distran on Challenges of Growth

The tasty plant based Apéro riche that saved tons of CO2.

And we got three great winners of the Public Choice Award:
1. Place: LINIA - 2 Place NewGreenTec - 3. Place: Urbio

We look forward to our next Energy Startup Day on the 17th of May 2022. Register here.

This was the Energy Startup Day 2021

Some Impressions from the Event

Presentation Slides

Startups 2021


aliunid is a digital resource for energy suppliers, grid operators and energy producers. Thanks to their comprehensive solution, one can design energy services more efficiently and thus more sustainably - and in real time. The end customers, both households and businesses, experience aliunid as a user-friendly smart home or smart business solution.


BePooler is a smart mobility operator focused on travel sharing (Private Car, Shuttle, Taxi, Car Sharing, etc.), offering a technologically advanced car pooling platform dedicated to commuters and business travelers in Europe


CLEMAP is specialized in the metering and evaluation of energy data through their proprietary IoT Edge Device and Cloud solution. Important field of application is the dynamic charging of EV and energy monitoring of household and industrial applications.


Distran design and manufacture game-changing industrial gas leak inspection devices. Rapidly pinpoint leaks from afar. Quantify leaks on the spot. Boost your plant’s reliability, performance, and safety.

EcoSync Ltd.

Ecosync tackles the problem of 70% of the commercial buildings being empty but heated, representing around 40% of energy waste. Their patent-pending technology "Dynamic Energy Management Platform" adapts temperature control to changing occupancy level, thus reducing energy waste significantly.

EH Group Engineering

EH Group promotes clean energy and is focused on the design and production of our innovative fuel cell technology. Their innovative and patented fuel cell technology offers high power density, simplified system architecture and scalable fuel cell production.

Energy Vault

Energy Vault provides a solution to store renewable energy in both an economical and sustainable way to end the world's reliance on fossil fuels. One of the ways they do this, is by utilizing a circular approach that repurposes local waste materials, often otherwise destined for landfill, to build their products.


Eturnity is a B2B Saas software and combines two digital tools that focus on an automated, precise and customer-oriented process: The Eturnity Calculator and Expert, each for the PV and heating sectors. This covers customer acquisition, consulting, planning and sales of renewable energy systems. Simulation results of different technologies are directly converted into a customer offer. In doing so, they are the first software solution that enables a combination of different technologies such as PV systems, battery systems, heat pumps and e-mobility.


Gilytics is a solution for automated design of energy and transportation infrastructure. It provides power grid operators with a 3D power line routing software. Within a few seconds, our cloud platform calculates routes for new power line projects, for example connecting a wind farm with the existing power grid, with the least impact.

Hive Power

Hive Power provides digital solutions for Smart Grid Analytics, Energy Communities, and V2G. It helps Energy Suppliers and Grid Operators in optimising their operations and asset management. The solution includes tools for the forecasting of energy demand, scheduling of hydropower plant, designing new tariff schemes, and optimal management of energy communities and aggregated flexible loads.


Hydromea develops products and solutions that allow customers to have autonomous high-speed and high-volume subsea data access in real-time. They render cables obsolete, make previously prohibitively expensive projects affordable and keep humans away from risky jobs by combining autonomous robotics and wireless communication network systems. This presents a paradigm shift in affordability and speed of subsea data access.


As a startup based in Lausanne, Switzerland, Insolight develops a new generation of solar modules, opening up new deployment opportunities in the agrivoltaic market.


Instead of letting valuable heat energy from shower water go to waste, the Joulia shower drain channel recovers this energy and provides a sustainable shower experience with the highest comfort level. Thanks to simple cold water diversion, the heat recovery system saves up to 60% energy and thus provides more comfort with less energy.


The lighting sector is responsible for 14 % of the electricity consumption - the saving potential is huge. LEDCity develops sensor-controlled lighting system to reduce the energy consumption of business buildings.


The software LINIAair enables power grid operators to acquire a huge amount of data of infrastructure fast and autonomous with drones. Their cloud based platform LINIAgrid processes, visualizes and analyzes data with AI-algorithms, to find damage or threats to power lines.

MPower Ventures

MPower is a tech4impact venture tackling the challenges of energy access and financial inclusion in emerging markets. It provides solar products and productive use appliances in different African countries using a b2b2c approach.

Power-to-Gas Hungary

Power-to-Gas Hungary is an innovative technology start-up company aiming to develop commercially viable and disruptive solutions for utility-scale energy storage, grid balancing, and carbon reuse. The core of their power-to-gas system is a selectively evolved microorganism – a methanogenic archaea – that excels through unprecedented catalytic ability and industrial robustness.

Smart Charging

Smart Charging develops and provides software solutions covering the full spectrum of the e-mobility domain (including backend system, smartphone application, charging controller etc.). They operate with a cloud based management system which manages the electric chargers remotely providing higher SLA via online/realtime commands. One of the most important features is the integration of solar production and energy storage in order to enable real green e-mobility without system level emission.

SRM Swiss Renewables Marketplace

SRM Swiss Renewables Marketplace specialises in increasing the competitiveness of natural power plants. They reduce operating costs, secure electricity marketing and thus make them competitive in the low-price electricity market in the long term. They offer suitable services and workshops for plant owners and operators throughout Switzerland.


Sympheny empowers the planners and managers of buildings & local areas to drive the global energy transition. Their SaaS platform supports optimized energy planning & management of sites from a building to a neighborhood to an entire city. With their unique synthesis of digital twin technology and powerful algorithms, energy performance objectives which previously seemed unthinkable are transformed into practicable design solutions and analyses, which previously took days, can be completed in hours. For their customers, this means more confidence and transparency in achieving their sustainability objectives, and less time & money wasted along the way.


Urbio is a spin-off from EPFL that develops software to help the key actors of the energy transition plan and design the most efficient energy infrastructure and technologies to heat, cool and electrify buildings. Thereby, supporting the reduction of CO2 emissions.


Wegaw process remote sensing satellite data with machine learning to optimize renewable energy production and trading, helping energy utilities and trading companies to forecast better energy production improving distribution, generation and trading of renewable energy.


XVentum is a wind farm profit optimization portal for renewable energy managers. It speeds up energy transition by enabling clients to plan and win Renewable Energy (RE) investments. X-PRISM, the SaaS wind portal reduces early stage planning up to 50%, increase profits, limits risks and open doors to early stage financing for RE Managers.

Yuon Control GmbH

Yuon Control GmbH develops an intelligent heating control for residential buildings.