This was the program 2019

Startup Investor Meetings (by invitation only)

Selected Startups meet investors and finance experts.

Welcome - Dr. Christina Marchand, Project Lead Energy Startup Day

Keynote - Dr. Christian Schaffner, Exceutive Director Energy Science Center

Opening & Keynotes (official start of the event)

Official Welcome - Dr. Christina Marchand, Project Lead Energy Startup Day

Keynote (Mobility) - Jana Lév, Former Project Lead of smide and Head of Strategic Business Development at sharoo

Keynote (Smart Buidlings) - Prof. Arno Schlüter, Researcher and Founder in the field of Buildings and Energy

Startup Poster Fair & Startup Silent Pitching

The pitches will take place from 11:30 – 12:15 in the event space. Participants are invited to listen to the pitches using the headphones or to begin networking during this time.

Buffet / Lunch Break
Startup Poster Fair (until 16:30)

Startups present their business at the poster stands

Science and Industry Projects Silent Presentation

ReMaP A new software- and hardware-based platform for testing decentralized renewable energy systems

Dr. Andreas Haselbacher, ETHZ Energy Science Center (ESC) 

Mobility projects at VBZ, Martin Zahn (VBZ)

Swiss Environment and Energy Innovation-Monitor 
Dr. Christina Marchand, ZHAW

1-to-1 Meetings

Possibility for participants and startups to meet one-to-one during a 20-minute meeting in a separate room. (Registration mandatory, please see additional information)

Outlook Podium Discussion

Metin Zerman, Investment Manager at Energie 360° AG

Andreas Uthmann, Leiter New Business & Innovation at CKW

Dr. Matthias D. Galus, Head Digital Innovation Office at Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE)

Torge Barkholtz, Managing Director at circ (flash) e-scooter (LMTS Switzerland AG)

Moderator: Dr. Christina Marchand, Energy Expert, Founder & Researcher

Networking Apéro riche


Energy Event Partner

Energy Startup Day 2019 Highlights

With almost 200 participants and 42 startups we had a full house at the 5th Energy Startup Day at TECHNOPARK® Zurich.

On the 31st of october Startups and participants like investors and industry experts were able to expand their network and make interesting new contacts.  Highlights included the Startup Investor #Speeddating, the keynotes on #Mobility and #Smartbuildings, the Startup #Pitches and Startup Fair, exhibits such as the Microlino or the shareyourbicar cars, the 1-to-1 meetings between startups and industry partners and the panel discussion at the end of the event. Many thanks to all participants and event partners! #FantasticEvent #SeeYouNextYear #Innovation #Startup #Energy #Switzerland

Find here selected interviews with Swiss Energy Startups.

Inside Energy Startup Day - a video by Global Tech Box

Impressions 2019

Research and Industry Projects

Innovation Monitor

The Swiss Environment & Energy Innovation Monitor provides information on active startups and innovative projects in the environment and energy business sectors. It is a continuously updated database, online since 2018. We aim to bring visibility and accessibilty about these projects and startups to a wider audience, especially investors, collaboration partners, researchers, and startup ecosystem supporters. The database is managed by a team of researchers from the ZHAW School of Management and Law, and experts from the startup development company, eqlosion, and supported by the SFOE and Innosuisse. The project will be presented by Dr. Christina Marchand.

VBZ Innovation Projects

Modern and sustainable public transport systems are one of the essential aspects for high quality of life in cities. Already today, social and technical megatrends simultaneously demand new mobility solutions while they redefine the scope of what public transport is. VBZ and the City of Zurich, with their innovation projects, are strategically expanding and transforming public mobility, delivering direct benefits to their users and to the environment. These efforts include a greater Zurich area intermodal mobility booking platform, the FlexNetz on-demand public transport ridesharing project, the replacement of the diesel bus fleet with modern electric buses, and the testing of automated driving technologies when they are available.


When designing the Microlino, we thought about the density of cities nowadays. On average, a car is only occupied by 1.2 people and drives 35 km daily. Driving a big car is like taking your luggage with you every day, although you are only travelling for a few days a year. Sounds stupid, right? This is why we realised that there is a need for a vehicle, which combines the advantages of a motorbike with those of a car. But not only does the Microlino combine the best of two worlds, it is also more eco-friendly: it needs approximately 60% less energy in production and usage, due to its light weight and fewer parts being used. It can be charged on a houseplug in just 4 hours. You can Cross-park and get out directly on the sidewalk. The microlino will be presented until 13:30 in front of the auditorium.


Renewable Management and Real-Time Control Platform (ReMaP) - Future energy systems will be shaped by three trends: Decentralisation, electrification and digitalisation. These trends are turning traditional "consumers" into "prosumers", which poses a major challenge, especially for the distribution network. With ReMaP, a new software- and hardware-based platform, the effects of these trends on the distribution network can be investigated. The platform is being jointly developed by ETH, Empa, PSI, smart grid solutions, Supercomputing Systems, Adaptricity and National Instruments. Project Leader Dr. Andreas Haselbacher from the Energy Science Center (ESC), will present the project.

Inside Energy Startup Day 2019 Video Series

GlobalTechBox produces high quality videos about startups and venture capital. On our social media channels, you can meet the CEOs and Founders of the most promising startups and get  insights into their companies and market. At the energy startup day, around 8 Startups will be interviewed and filmed. The dedicated video series will be available as "Inside Energy Startup Day 2019" on all social channels. Please stay tuned.

Startup Rating and Support


BV4 is a leading specialist for Startup scouting, assessment and valuation. Our aim is to help Startups improve their investment proposition. And we support Investors and Corporations in making the best Venture investments. BV4's key assets are our data-driven scouting tool and database of >12k Startups, the proprietary rating model and our unique valuation methodology. We are part of the Swiss Startup Group, with excellent access to the Startup ecosystem.


Early Metrics is the first rating agency for startups and innovative SMEs. Its proprietary methodology, based on extra-financial and financial metrics, allows to rate the growth potential of startups and provide transparent insights to decision-makers. To date, Early Metrics has rated over 3000 startups on behalf of more than 250 corporates and funds.

Startups 2019


Adaptricity provides smart grid analytics software tools and expertise for grid operators.


AIPHA GmbH provides Deep Learning based tools to automatically identify vegetation based threats to power lines. The main focus are grow-in, fall-in and forest fire threats. For this purpose, Geodata like Satellite images or Point Clouds from Drones or Airborne Laserscanning are evaluated.


Automates routines at your home with almost any connected device – for less energy consumption and more comfort.


AquAero provides a superheated steam drying technology for drying any temperature nonsensitive material in a more energy efficient way and with a higher productivity than conventional hot air drying technologies. Suggested feed materials are: agricultural feedingstuff, food products, wood pellets, biochar and faecal sludge.

BeON Energy

BeON is a developer and manufacturer of industry leading microinverters and pioneering plug and play complete solar kits. Their unique development of the 'plug-in' microinverters unlocks the potential to connect a power generating solar panel to any electric socket, just like a common electric appliance, in a safe, reliable and simple way.


Bicar is launching a new class of vehicle that is located between a scooter and a car, is optimally suited for urban mobility and offers the user the advantages of the agile driving style of a bicycle/moped with the safety and comfort of a car.

Circ (Flash)

Micro mobility provider, renting e-scooters through sharing.


The CLEMAP One is an electrical energy sensor which is centrally installed in the electrical panel of a building and analyses through the innovative load disaggregation technology the energy consumption of private houses, small and medium companies.


CLEVERON is an innovative Swiss startup company that has developed an intelligent system for radiator heating. With CLEVERON, the room temperature in each individual room of a building can be controlled individually and optimally.


It is a marketplace for technologies and industrial solutions for climate protection and carbon emission reduction. It meets an increasing demand in this sector and will give visibility to new technologies.


Droople develops the first Smart Grid for Water providing a retrofit solution for any existing buildings and water connected asset based on a cutting-edge technology platform. Their offering include fleet and portfolio management, submetering for hot and cold water, leak detection and consumption awareness through user feedback.


Development of technology that will increase the efficiency of wind turbines. It is based on the increase of cut-in/ rated speed of a wind turbine. This technology will be soon protected by a patent, first step to filing in progress.

EH Group Engineering

Their aim is to become a leader in the emerging hydrogen economy, via the commercialisation of a fuel cell based on a radical new design and the development of a transformative manufacturing technique that dramatically reduces costs.


Electrojoule develops and provides a monitoring system to bring heat systems of older apartement buildings in the internet of things. With their cloud computing system they analyse automatical the system behaviour for optimization and to reduce the CO2 emissions drastically.


EnergyXploit heats and cools down buildings in a more efficient way using energy piles and deep drilling applications as their key geothermic energy sources. In their business field “renovation of existing buildings” they replace oil / gas heating systems. They install a cooling and heating system which is later fixed to walls and covers. Thus, they play a crucial part in reducing CO2. In their strategic business unit “new buildings”, they provide total energy solutions. Finally, in their third business field they offer strategic and operative consulting services to optimize energy efficiency and reducing CO2 along the supply chain. Following a systemic approach, they optimize the complete system energy pile / deep drilling heat pipes – heat pump – solar / photovoltaic unit. As they integrate their strategic project partners right from the beginning in the planning phase of a construction project, they reduce interfaces and increase efficiency thus they offer professional project management.


State of the Art web & mobile applications to transparently deliver Energy Performance Analytics, Engagement Tools & Actionable Insight to optimize energy use and lower costs. Also developing IOT software and venturing into energy blockchain.


Foxxcube is developing smart sensors and key components for biogas technologies and natural gas engines. They focus on high efficiency energy conversion, preventive maintenance solutions and Power To Gas (PTG hydrogen) technologies.

Gaia Membranes

Gaia Membranes develops and manufactures ion exchange membranes that can boost the performance of multiple energy storage and conversion technologies.


Swiss Energy Planning (SEP) is the first integrated online platform for energy planning in Switzerland. The provision of up-to-date infrastructure and energy data from various sources throughout Switzerland makes it possible to quickly and easily exploit the potential and synergies at building and neighbourhood level at any location. With business intelligence, event streams and planning tools, the SEP app provides the decision-making tool. Energy planning thus becomes digital, collaborative and simple.


Gilytics provides power grid operators with a 3D power line routing software. Within a few seconds, our cloud platform calculates routes for new power line projects, for example connecting a wind farm with the existing power grid, with the least impact.

Hive Power

Hive Power provides a platform (Hive Manager) for the optimal decentralized management of Energy Communities. In parallel, they also offer consultancy on distribution grids modelling, EVs scenario analysis, hydropower management and stochastic forecasting of day-ahead demand.


INERGIO develops low-cost decentralized energy solution serving consumer, security, off-grid industry and robotic systems. Their lightweight fuel cell power packs are operating based on widely available butane/propane providing a reliable, lightweight and eco-friendly solution at high autonomy.

Innovida Swiss Technology

Development, production and sales of innovative heat pumps.


Insolight has developed the most efficient flat PV solar module for the rooftop market. 


Invisibly integrated into a slim shower channel, Joulia-Inline efficiently recovers heat from the used shower water. Thanks to simple cold water diversion, the heat recovery system saves up to 60% energy and thus provides more comfort with less energy.


The lighting sector is responsible for 14 % of the electricity consumption - the saving potential is huge. LEDCity developed a click and play autonomous lighting system which pays for itself thanks to the 90 % reduction in energy consumption.


MyFacility provides building energy optimization algorithms and monitoring services together with IOT infrastructure.


Neverain is to become a renowned supplier of rainwear and accessories. The first product to be launched on the market was a complete rain cover for commuters with integrated shoe protectors.


NewGreenTec GmbH is developing, selling and installing sustainable micro power plants for the use of individuals, for homes, SME`s, clinics and schools etc. The products EnergyTower® and RoofTopPower® are hybrid systems using the renewable sources wind and solar in combination with energy storage. This are all-in-one devices on smallest footprint, easy to install and set up in gardens, parking spaces, next barns, huts, resorts and on all kind of rooftops.


Ormera is a blockchain based online platform for administration and invoicing local grids. Ormera simplifies the complexity of electricity billing and the associated administrative processes as a service. Ormera ist designed for tenants, local grid owners or investors for PV plants.


OTurb offers solutions for small-scale and oil-free turbomachinery. The first product is a steam-driven recirculation device for the application in fuel cell systems.

Oxygen at Work

Oxygen at Work improves indoor air quality by combining natural plants with modern technology. By integrating this into a smart building they are able to reduce the energy consumption of HVAC systems by 30% and save significant amounts of CO2 emissions.


Plutinsus develops a software system that can easily integrate data with all its detail from any source and can interactively visualize this data to business end users, from experts to occasional users, for understanding relationships, cause-and-effects and, therefore, potential risks in their business. Such explorative analysis is used for the purposes of strategic and operational planning, forecasting, monitoring and incident analysis. The data could come from internal sources (ERP, GIS, BIM), external sources (weather, environment, governmental institutions), energy models (long- and short-term supply and demand) and sensors (smart meters, network management system).

RyBa Solutions

With Green-Y they provide a solution to store electricity and produce heat and cold energy from renewable energy sources. The missing piece of the energy transition puzzle is in striking distance!


Their predictive analytics SaaS significantly reduces grid imbalance penalties for renewable assets.


Shematic provides innovative high performance tailor made electric system to improve power and autonomy of electric vehicles. They offer their clients to take advantage of a new electromobility experience and improve the performance of electric vehicles through innovation and creativity, while benefiting of custom motors.


SIGMAtools measures complex mechatronic system with a self-developed multichannel measurement system.

Sulzer & Schmid

Sulzer Schmid is an independent Swiss technology company for the autonomous inspection of towers and rotor blades. Their digital end-to-end process employs autonomous drones and incorporates cutting-edge image analysis tools using AI technology. Reports are generated at the push of a button. All the data is stored and made accessible via secure cloud services and is available for further analysis and benchmarking.


Unisieve provides separation solutions for renewables (Biogas, hydrogen etc.) and base chemicals.

Urban Connect

Urban Connect delivers mobility solutions for companies. They have currently 10 e-bike sharing systems at customers like Google, Rocher or Hilti. They offer a comprehensive package, including app, locking system, stations and maintenance.


VOLTEX stands for a blockchain-based energy management system with an integrated peer-to-peer trading platform. This system measures, controls and regulates the power grid to the base frequency of 50 hertz. This enable the users to save costs.


Zevvy provides an online tool to bill solar energy in multi-family houses.