Energy Startup Day Awards

Find more information about the three Awards below.

The 2022 Winners

✨ Public Choice Award : FreeSun

✨ Experts Choice Award : Librec

✨ Investors Choice Award : WattAnyWhere

ThreeWinners ESD2022



The 2021 Winners

In 2021 only the public Choice Award was given out. The 2021 three winners of the Public Choice Award were:

1. Place: LINIA

2 Place NewGreenTec

3. Place: Urbio


The 2020 Winners

We are pleased to announce the following startups who have been selected for the awards.

Public Choice Award2Investors Choice Award2Experts Choice Impact Award2

2020 Award Winner Podcast Interviews with Swisspreneur

✨ Public Choice Award : Insolight

✨ Investors Choice Award : Exnaton

✨ Experts Choice Award : BluAct Technologies

About the Awards

Public Choice Award

After each startup pitch in the afternoon of Energy Startup Day, the participants are able to judge the startup based on three criteria: uniqueness, impact and feasibility. At the end of all the pitching, the startup with the highest average score will be announced.

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Investor’s Choice Award

We asked the investors involved in the Investor Speed Dating who they wanted to meet at Energy Startup Day and their collective interest decided the winner.

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Expert’s Choice Impact Award

logo expert impact award3x

In 2022

The startups handed in a Pitch-Deck and were preselected by BV4, a Swiss Startup Rating company. The final rating for the expert award was done together with the xplor jury. Thanks a lot to the Energy Experts 2022:

  • Marianne Zünd, BFE
  • Jochen Horn, ABB
  • Christian Schaffner, ESC ETHZ
  • Pol Budminger, Innosuisse Expert
  • Beni Riedi, Smart-Me
  • Vuk Vegezzi, BV4
  • Christina Marchand, ZHAW


In 2020

A selected group of 50+ Swiss energy and cleantech experts reviewed the Energy Startup Day startups for their potential impact on the global energy transition based on: uniqueness of solution, importance of problem, impact of solution, scalability and website impressions. The winning startup has the highest average score across the categories.

We want to thank the Experts 2020 who helped to make the Expert's Choice 2020 Award possible.

Adrian W. Müller - Head, Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship - ZHAW

Adriano Bürgi - Regional Startup Accelerator Lead, DACH - EIT Climate-KIC

Anaïs Sägesser - STRIDE - the unSchool for Collaborative Leadership & Social Innovation 

Andreas Rothen - CEO - act Cleantech Agentur Schweiz 

Angela Beckenbauer - Head Center of Business Innovation - ZHAW

Anne-Claire Pliska - Strategical Planning and Innovation Group Director - BG Consulting Engineers

Annina Faes - Cleantech Specialist, Knowledge and Technology Transfer - Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE)

Armin Eberle - Dozent/Institutsleiter - ZHAW

Beata Gruschka - Lead Runway Startup Incubator - ZHAW 

Brigitta Kratz - Partner - Stifter & Partner Rechtsanwälte

Christian Schaffner - Executive Director, Energy Science Center - ETH Zürich

Christian Winzer - Lecturer - ZHAW

Christian Zeyer - CEO - swisscleantech

Christina Marchand - Researcher - ZHAW

Claudio Cometta - Professor for Innovation & Entrepreneurship - ZHAW

Daniel Wiener - President - Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation (GIB)

David Avery - Head of Cleantech - Switzerland Global Enterprise

David Stickelberger - Managing Director - Swissolar, Swiss Solar Energy Professionals Association

Eric Plan - General Sekretär - CleantechAlps

Fabienne Sierro - Research Associate - ZHAW

Georg Meier - Partner - Energie Zukunft Schweiz AG

Jacqueline Jakob - CEO - Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector

Karin Roesel - Senior Strategy Manager - CKW

Lea Trogrlic - PhD Student - EPFL

Marcel Frei - retired - former CEO - ewz - Elektrizitätswerk der Stadt Zürich

Marcus Cathomen - Project Manager Technology & Innovation - ewz

Martin Feuz - Senior Lecturer and Researcher - ZHAW

Matthias Filser - Head, Center for Entrepreneurship - ZHAW

Metin Zerman - Investment Manager - Energie 360° AG

Noemi Rom - Digital Consulting - Zühlke Engineering AG

Oliver Marchand - Global Head of ESG Models & Research - MSCI

Oliver Wimmer - Leiter Internationale Projekte - AEE SUISSE

Patrik Brandenberg - Former Board Member / Assistant - Student Impact/ University of St. Gallen

Patrick Jiranek - Senior Project Manager - Stadt Zürich, Umwelt und Gesundheitsschutz

Peter Schmid - Senior Advisor - BV4 AG

Pol Budmiger - Startup Coach - Innosuisse

Rainer Kyburz - Leiter Technologiemanagement - CKW

Ray Neubauer - CEO & Founder - Ahoy-Hoy GmbH

Regina Betz - Head of Center/Professor - ZHAW

Regis Vonarb - Head of Industrial engineering and Lean Management - Liebherr Machines Bulle

Rolf Iten - Managing Partner - Infras Consulting and Research Zurich

Romeo Deplazes - Head of Solutions, Deputy CEO - Energie 360° AG

Ruth Happersberger - Member of the executive board / Head of strategy, participations and corporate venture capital (Smart Energy Innovationsfonds AG) - Energie 360° AG

Susanne Rutz - Projektleiterin Energie und Klima - Stiftung Pusch praktischer Umweltschutz

Thomas Schumann - Managing Director - Technopark Winterthur

Ursula Woodtli - CEO - Gewerbeverband der Stadt Zürich

Walter Steinmann - Owner Steinmann Consulting - Steinmann Consulting